Unexpectedly, I found out that I love to travel. I have travelled many countries and travelling has been a part of my life.

I enjoy being with the nature and discovering the different customs and traditions in countries around the world. I feel blessed to travel to different continents in last 10 years. I realized that travelling could bring more excitement and happiness if I share it with others.

That idea led me to start my own travel company and I have taken groups to countries in Latin American, South Asia and East Asia. I enjoy guiding a group of people since it consist with different age groups, variety of personalities and array of interests. I feel it is one of the amazing jobs that someone could have.

When I welcome my guests at the airport (I go to the designated country before my tour group arrive), I make sure from the arrival that they feel like they are at their own country.

As a boutique tour operator, I always offer what I promise to my clients and I have earned a trust and respect from my clients. My clients' joy and excitement have been a great encouragement to continue my challenging work. I give lot of attention to my clients' needs and I do my best to offer memorable vacation which they share with their families and friends.

When I travel with guest, I always find time for my favorite hobbies; reading and writing. During the past year, I found time to write and publish my first book "Behind the Smile" (Dutch version) and plan to continue in coming years with my tour groups.

I'm very excited to share the exotic island to my clients and give them one of the exciting travel experiences.

Darshika Fernando
Experienced tour guide for about 10 years. And the author of the book "Behind the smile" Dutch version...

Darshika Fernando

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