Official Name: Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
Capital: Colombo
The city of Sri Jayewardenepura-Kotte is the officially designated capital city and is the seat of Sri Lanka's Parliament, but it is currently just the administrative center.
Area: 65.610 sq. km. (25.332 sq. mi.)
Nationality: Sri Lankan(s).
Population: 19 million
Languages: Sinhala and Tamil (official), English.
Currency: Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)
Climate: Tropical; rainy seasons
Electricity: The electric current in Sri Lanka is 230-240V

On the scale of a world map Sri Lanka previously known as Ceylon appears to hand like a tiny teardrop over the India Ocean. In reality though, the tropical isle is certainly no drop in the ocean. From North to south it has a maximum length of 435 km, giving it a land area of 65.600 sq. km.
At tropical beach level the thermometer soars into the mid 80° F ( 29°C) but, within four hours journey by road or rail, lies the breathtaking hill country where the temperature drops to the 50° F. As quickly as the climate changes, so des the dramatic scenery.

Recorded history in Sri Lanka began when Buddhism gave brith to a cultural revolution more than 2000 years ago. And in thewake of this cultural revolution came in era of unsurpassed achievement. Almost 25 centuries later, Buddhism is still preserved in this puest from. Its doctrine of peace and tolerance has left it s gentle mark on the land and her people. Different religions and ethnic groups live side by side in total harmony in a democratic society.
Although predominantly Shinhalese, Sri Lanka also has other ethink groups- Tamils, Moors, Malays and decendants of the Dutch, Portuguese and British as well as a small aboriginal community of Veddahs. Over de centuries they have learnet to respect their cultural differences and are justly proud of their past.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful, colourful mixture of religios, cultures, races and geography, the tropical meeting place of old and new.
The island has some of the finest international hotels-with prices to suit all pockets-where modernday luxuries are matched by traditional hospitaltiy and charm.
The cuisine can be cosmopolitan or indigenous. Naturally enough fresh sea food is specialtiy of the island. But for a taste of traditional Sri Lanka, there is a full range of local dishes including spiced curry and rice plus a profusion of delicious fruits.

The island is served by a fine network of scheduled and chartered air services. Internally it has an excellent road and rail system. Coach and chauffered car tours, self drive, domestice air services and helicopter, charter facilities are also available.

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