The country with friendly and smiling people.

The exotic nature, the ocean with the white sands beaches, the sun, the mountains, the raining, the tea plantation along the road to the hill country are very much impressive.
As we arrived in Colombo, we were welcomed by very good looking young men who guided us during our stay in Sri Lanka. We stayed in a cozy hotel in Maravila, located 45 minutes distance from Airport.
The friendly staff and the quite beach made us felt very welcome and homely. Especially when you walk through the village, it was like a film. The children playing in the street, a man who sold his breads on his bike (mobile bakery ) and a man who carried 3 pigs tightened on his motor bike was amazing.

We visited the ''Welcome Village'' the home for the elderly men and women. Herman Sure is the founder of this Village, and provide a home and all kind of care for these elderly people. He took some of these people from the street, brought them here, let them feel that they are home. When I was walking though this complex, I could not find the right words to express my gratitude towards this man to his incredible service for this country. I can say if you want to see it, you have to go there and see.

We had had a great day in Negombo. We still could see the Dutch ruins. The fish market was astonished. The picturesque beach front was fascinating.

On the way to Sigiriya we saw the rock in distance, had some second thoughts about the climbing the rock. It took us almost 3 hours and as soon as we were on the top, all the troubles and the second thoughts were over, it was amazing again.

Kandy was a very attractive city and the most of it the temperature was very pleased. We walked to the Kanday Temple from our hotel. We were lucky that we could still participate the religious services (pooja) and could see the golden coffin, the Sacred Tooth Relic of the Buddha.

The elephant orphanage was very touching, I can say if you would like to experience it please go and see. It was so impressive and unforgettable.

The train trip from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya was some surprise again. The trip can not be compared with the travel by train in Holland. As we arrived in our hotel, we had to ware some more clothes to keep us warm. The temperature difference was enormous. We stayed in a very pleasant hotel, decorated in English style. We could not believe it though, there was a open fire.

We visited the tea plantation, tested the original Ceylon tea with chocolate cake. We went to the farm, to see the cows, goats and rabbits. They produce cheese and milk. It was very interesting and we had great fun, while it was raining and cold.
Further we walked through the city and saw very old trades and the shops, the market, the Victorian style post office and the park was very amusing. Especially the S.O.S. children homes, the house complex for the orphans was astonished.

The walk to the Dunhinda waterfall en to Ella Gap. The jeep safari for four hours long through the park was to mad to be true.

After visiting Galle, Colombo we were back to our cozy hotel were we started our adventure. Once we arrived there we felt that we were home back. The kindness and the care of the staff made us feel there home. We danced with our drivers there a lot. Later we discovered that Suranga one of our guide could sing lovely. Of course I have to admit that these young men who guided us were fantastic.

One more single night staying in that cozy hotel. Our adventure in Sri Lanka had been ended.

Darshika, we had thanked you in several times though, I would like to thank you again for your tremendous preparation to make this adventure possible, and for the wonderful weeks. I did not mention you earlier about your humor, your warm heart, your joy and your smile, that we never will forget as well as Sri Lanka. We will keep in touch.

Jan and Ineke Ronge,
from the Netherlands


Fish on bicycle in Sri Lanka

Girl from the S.O.S. village in Sri Lanka

Children from the S.O.S. village in Sri Lanka

Elder from the Welcome Village in Sri Lanka

beach-negombo2 (18K)

Tea women in Sri Lanka

Elephant riding in Sri Lanka

Nuwara-Eliya Train ride in Sri Lanka

Sinharaja butterfly in Sri Lanka(15K)

waterfall (19K)