Discover the nature, fascinating variety in climate and the landscape in Sri Lanka. Don't miss the culture and the hospitality, kindness and the compassion of the people that attracted travellers for many years.
This beautiful country with its hills and valleys, rivers lakes and cascading waterfalls around the hills has its share of hallowed and living shrines, ...and the sun shines its blessing over all.

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On these journeys, you can see palmfringed beaches, a wealth of wildlife, exotic flora, plains and highlands, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. These are true beauties of Sri Lanka a calm and serene countryside matched by and enticingly simple way of life.

In a world in which peace and leisure is becoming a more sought after and ever harde to find, Sri Lanka remains a true paradise on earth.

Explore the beautify, colourful mixture of religions, cultures, races, and geography the topical meeting place of old and new. Sri Lanka is an island of smiling people. Everywhere there is a colour and fragrance of tropical Vegetation. Where ever you go, you will find the traditional Welcome "Ayubowan" which means you may live long.

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